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Goodlett, Texas (pop. 138) is about 3 1/2 hrs. Northwest of Dallas on Hwy 287, 175 miles from the nearest Interstate and five hours from Amarillo, the closest town of more than200 people. The capitol of the middle of nowhere. I liked it.

Had a small shade tree, and little store, laundromat, and shower. It also had a very cool swimming pool! Only 3 other campers the night I was there, and I had the pool to myself.

Noticed a big bird (roadrunner?) hopping toward my glasses, that I left on the side. I swam over to grab them, which made the bird hop faster. I snatched them a fraction of a second before the bird, and it flew away.

Feeling ‘safe’ I put them down and continued swimming. But birdie returned and started moving in. I raced and once again won. Lesson learned. I put them on and doggie paddled so I could keep an eye on the thieving varmint. Shifty, outlaw Texans!

This RV park is for sale, if you’re looking to get away from it all. The lady who owned it grew up in the town. She married a local fella and had 5 daughters. When they went off, she went to college and earned a PhD in cotton genetics. So, living in and setting a business in an old cotton gin in Goodlett.

She is a true cotton lover who danced to her own drummer.

This is a display at an ‘antique’ store just outside Goodlett. I would have bought one, if someone had been around, but in the 30 minutes I strolled around, not a soul to be seen.  Being Texas, I didn’t want to tempt fate by slipping one in the van, and sneaking out of town.  They are popular lawn ornament in some places in the West.

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