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More Recommended Netflix Titles

Netflix has some great non-mainstream cinema to offer, but theycan hard to find in the thousands of ever-shifting titles. Google “best films on Netflix”, and you’ll get dozens of returns. Like so much Internet junk, many just use algorithms of the most popular titles, counting stars, likes, etc.– not very helpful. Others are click bait saturated with ads that make it nearly impossible to get any useful information– frustrating. I don’t like most algorithms, so by actually watching films, I’ve found many hidden gems. Here’s my newest list of titles, to help others find unusual, engaging, and informative pieces of cinema art that are very watchable. NEW RECOMMENDED FILMS ON NETFLIX (12/21/2018) ROMA BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER HAPPY AS LAZZARO BREATH THE CREW GABRIEL AND THE MOUNTAIN THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICA OUTSIDE IN THE GIANT THE INFORMANT

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