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John Waters’ Net Worth $38 Million?

A webs

ite claiming to know how much money a select group of celebrities have or make says Mr. Waters makes $38 million,  putting him on the “World’s Richest Celebrities” list.

Is that a year, a lifetime, or a complete fiction?

The website,, claims to have been around since 2009 and  “has since grown to become one of the most popular and influential celebrity finance outlets on the Internet.”  With 18,000 facebook likes, who could argue with that?

I doubt if anyone really wants to be on that list.  Think of all the long-lost relatives, friends, and people who once did you favors who will line up at your door (or doors– depending).

A funny comparison is Waters’ discovery and ’80s TV celebrity, Ricki Lake who rates a paltry $15 million.  Needless to say, yours truly doesn’t appear on that list, but is occasionally referred to in articles on the site, apparently for at least rubbing shoulders once or twice with the those living in high cotton.  Check it out, maybe you’re on it too!



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