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About Low Budget Hell

Book cover to Low Budget Hell: Making Underground Movies With John Waters

In his journey through the underground, Maier rubs shoulders with folks like Johnny Depp, Divine, Ricki Lake, Andy Warhol, Jack Palance, Tab Hunter, Bill Murray, Sonny Bono, the Coen brothers, artist Jean-Michel Basquait, The Ramones, and Blondie.

Low Budget Hell is a roller coaster ride of bizarre low-budget movie stories:  lunches of Kools, Cokes, and soggy meatball subs; riding the subway with a $25,000 cash payroll; a Federal drug bust on set — at gunpoint; meeting with Deborah Harry and Chris Stein — in bed;  getting death threats from the mob, fending off attacks by irate husbands; placating enraged stars and producers;  and going on movie dates with John Waters to topless movies at Baltimore’s sleaziest theaters.

It was a time of irresponsible experimentation and the story of artists who went from living in their cars to buying million dollar Manhattan lofts — and as John Waters says, how thankful we are for the statute of limitations.

Portrait photo of Robert Maier

Read about Robert Maier’s fifteen years working with John Waters in “Low Budget Hell: Making Underground Movies with John Waters.” 

Available on and other booksellers around the world.

Order your autographed copy by the author here

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